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Gluten-Free Bread Baking: A Journey of Flavor and Discovery

Welcome to the delightful world of baking gluten-free bread, where the journey is not only easier but also incredibly rewarding. For those of us following a gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan/plant-based diet, discovering the magic of gluten-free baking can be a game-changer. Thanks to the tireless efforts of passionate bakers like Kat from The Loopy Whisk and Aran from Canelle et Vanille, gluten-free baking has evolved into an art form that delights the senses and nourishes the soul.

If you are enthusiastic about baking, and have been diagnosed or choose to follow a gluten free, dairy free, vegan/ plant based diet, you will love the recipes either from Kat the blogger and creator of The Loopy Whisk, and Aran the creator or Canelle et Vannille.

Both of these wonderful women have spent countless hours perfecting the art of gluten free baking! 

I love to bake, however my passion is in cooking with ingredients with nutrient rich benefits that help us heal our body. AND that tastes delicious! I’m forever looking for inspiration and ideas that make our lives a whole lot tastier! Good food, yes, AND it’s got to taste good too!

After experimenting and baking with Aran Goyoaga’s cookbooks and her sour dough starters, as well as her Quick Rise Boule, I have hopes in the coming months to share more of a bread that is lighter than all buckwheat. However, If you enjoy a full bodied buckwheat bread, you will love her sourdough buckwheat boule. I also loved her Quick Rise Boule where I swapped in more brown rice for buckwheat flour and both breads were crusty on the outside and soft on the inside and both toasted to perfection! Both the recipes are found in her latest cookbook Cannelle et Vanille Bakes Simple. She also has a beautiful website @cannelleetvanille, that you’ll find more recipes and tips, even video courses where she guides you step by step, baking her sour dough breads!

I found Kat on instagram because of her amazing gluten free baking recipe reels that popped up! I couldn’t stop watching her and saving her inspirational recipe videos.  I finally took the plunge, even though at first I was a bit skeptical, can I bake bread like her videos? Will they really turn out, and taste as good as they look? Omg it was better than expected! It was life changing making artisan gluten free beautiful ciabatta breads! It’s now become a weekly ritual! And I can’t wait to make more of her breads and pastries! I highly recommend giving her a follow! And check out her recipe blog 

I made minor flour swaps per my taste preferences but they came unbelievably perfect! My whole family was happily excited! 

Kats ciabatta recipe is on her website Here! 

Kat and Aran have dedicated countless hours to perfecting the craft of gluten-free baking, and their recipes reflect both their expertise and their love for creating delicious treats that everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re baking Kat’s artisan ciabatta bread or trying Aran’s sourdough boule from her latest cookbook, Canelle et Vanille Bakes Simple, you’re in for a treat. Both bakers offer a wealth of inspiration and guidance, making gluten-free baking not just accessible but also incredibly enjoyable with tasty rewards.

What makes gluten-free baking so special?

It’s the freedom to experiment and customize recipes to suit your taste preferences. While Aran’s recipes may call for buckwheat flour, you can easily swap in brown rice flour or teff flour for a lighter texture. And Kat’s ciabatta rolls are the perfect canvas for adding your favorite herbs or spices to create a unique flavor profile that’s all your own.

But gluten-free baking isn’t just about the end result—it’s also about the journey. Along the way, you’ll pick up valuable tips and tricks that will enhance your baking experience. From using a proofing basket to achieve that perfect boule shape to investing in a kitchen scale for precise measurements, each step of the process is an opportunity to learn and grow as a baker.

12 Tips I learned when baking gluten free bread:

  1. Gluten free bread baking is a whole lot easier! For additional gluten free baking tips, pegs and Megs share their ideas in this Gluten Free Baking article.
  1. The sour dough starter no longer needs constant feeding! Aran discovered  that the sour dough starter is fine to sleep in the fridge until ready to use! I so LOVED this, as it became stressful when I first started baking her sour dough boule from her first cookbook! 
  2. It’s okay to play with other gluten free flour combinations in recipes. I preferred more brown rice flour than buckwheat. Not as dense and heavy. Also I like Teff flour too! But brown rice is the overall favorite combined with sorghum flour. 
  3. Read the directions in recipes a couple times before starting
  4. Make sure you have all the proper equipment necessary… if you don’t have a proofing basket, and you want to bake a boule that looks like the photos, you’ll need a proofing basket or two. Get one here
  5. Get a scale. I learned you zero out your scale after you add in each of the ingredients! It’s so easy and bakers highly recommend using the weighted gram measure to ensure a better result.
  6. You don’t need a kitchen aide with a dough hook to make the bread, but you do need to mix and knead your bread more thoroughly. The dough hook on the Kitchen Aide is magical! 
  7. Having a pizza stone makes crusty ciabatta!
  8. A medium size Dutch oven is way less expensive purchased at Home Goods! I found Lodge Dutch ovens for $35! Not $350! Like this one and they come in pretty colors! This is on Amazon if you don’t live near a Home Goods. Buy one that’s 5-7 qt. 
  9. Working on a marble surface or a stable surface makes kneading a breeze. To make a flour cloth dish towel stable, slightly wet the table and then place cloth over it. It keeps it in place when rolling out the ciabatta or when kneading the bread. 
  10. Store bread in an air tight container. Even when it feels hard, once toasted it softens and still tastes great days later! Don’t toss! We also love toasting breads in a cast iron fry pan!
  11. I loved baking with my friend! It was so fun! So grab a friend and bake and laugh and share in this soulful heartfelt experience!!!

And remember, gluten-free baking is not just about making bread—it’s about creating memories and sharing moments of joy with those you love. So grab a friend, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get baking!

Here’s a few of our favorite baking recipes: Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread: A Fall Favorite Reimagined, Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread and Chocolate Zucchini Bread.

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