Jerusalem Artichokes and Lamb Stew

Lamb stew with jerusalem artichoke

Sunday dinners usually are a simple BBQ or burger, but today being on the CLEAN Megs and I wanted to use the Jerusalem artichokes we found at Saturday’s Farmers’ Market. Farmer Dave, from Stehly Farms had these very odd looking roots for sale, (mind you they are NOT pretty, but melt in your mouth delicious!).  Being the curious one that I am about any new vegetable, I was thrilled to be reintroduced to Jerusalem artichokes.

Immediately I began conjuring up all kinds of dishes we could prepare using them, but the one that stuck out was our favorite go to~ Lamb Stew! For the Full recipe go to

What I want to share with you all is that the recipe changed slightly BECAUSE of the seasonal veggies we had on hand! So instead of using potatoes, we used the Jerussalem artichokes. I washed them, but DID NOT PEEL them! I also added cipollini, those small baby onions that are oh so sweet, and instead of the bay leaves and thyme we used a wonderful lavander thyme rosemary blend from a wedding that I had attended in New Mexico… Now you might want to know where is this going? Well anytime I get to be on a farm, I go crazy with farm envy! How I dream of one day living on some sort of farm, dare I digress… Anyhoo, we were at a family wedding that was on a wonderful Lavender Farm called  Los Poblanos Lavender Farm   and they sell everything lavender! Of course I bought out the store from herbs to soap and have loved using their Poblanos spices ever since! Check them out!

Back to the Lamb stew… so I used 1 Tbl of the Poblano herbs. However, if you dont have a lavender spice, simply use the spices in the original lamb stew recipe or play with some of your favorite herb blends, BUT do share with us please!

Farmer Pegs at Lavender Farm on tractor all dressed up


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