Vegetable Lentil Soup

lentil soup

Curry Girls Vegan Veggie Lentil~ Oh so Tasty!

1 small onion diced

1 leek white part only, halved, and sliced thin

2-4 cloves fresh minced garlic

1 heaping cup of diced shiitake mushrooms ( about 4 medium ones)

1 stalks celery, cubed

2-4 carrots, cubed

1 Cup French lentils (they are turquoise green) Rinsed

1 1/2  tsp. Italian Herb blend

1/2 tsp fine grind pepper

1 tsp. turmeric

1 tsp. Celtic Sea Salt

1 Piece Kombu or Wakami Sea vegetable

1-2 Boxes Imagine’s No-Chicken Broth or homemade stock ( 4 Cups each box. Add second box of broth as a soup, 1 box for a stew)

2 Tbl. Coconut Oil


Sauté the onions, leek, mushrooms, garlic, celery, and carrots in coconut oil until soft.  Add seasonings, and stir until heated and fragrant. Stir in rinsed lentils. Next add broth.  Cook for 30 minutes or until lentils and veggies are tender. Some lentils take longer so test after 30-45 minutes.  Enjoy!


** watch recipe video HERE!

Curry Girls Co-Hosted CLEAN GUT Author Dr. Alejandro Junger this past Wednesday evening.  Dr. Junger was in great spirits, relaxed, charismatic, and charming.  ” Doc” shared his heartfelt and honest insight and stories about health and well being to more than 100 attendees! If you missed the event at Pages A Bookstore in Manhattan Beach, a video from the evening will be posted on our website in the near future.

Megs and Pegs made a delicious Vegan Vegetable Lentil Soup that was a hit! The Doc loved it so much, he got thirds! The proceeds from the soup sales went to support GrowingGreat a national school garden and nutrition education non-profit that inspires children and adults to adopt healthy eating habits.

A few pics from our exceptional evening.

Doc, Partner Albert and friends Donny and Tim scarfing down soup

Green Yogi Matt Rothert Leading our guided meditation to start of the night

A packed house at Pages!

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