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We believe in prevention and building strong immune systems to stay healthy! Check out what Dr. Mark Hyman, international leader in the field of functional medicine, has to say about protecting yourself from viruses and germs, including coronaviruses like COVID-19 here.

Cold and Flu Prevention Tips and Remedies will help keep you feeling healthy and your immunity strong all year long! We are all about staying healthy through diet and lifestyle. However, we love to have fun and be with friends and family.

We are super active and love a good party. In everyday life you are at risk of other people’s germs, whether it’s going to the gym, yoga, grocery store, shopping mall, an event, traveling in airports, planes, going to school, at work, restaurants. Literally anywhere or any time you are around people or in a room filled with lots of  folks, the opportunity for catching someone else’s sickness increases. We have a great way that helps protect you from colds and flus.


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When it comes to special occasions ie weddings or parties, they are loaded with fun sugary treats, (which drops your immunity), shared dips= shared germs, and some sick people with FOMO~fear of missing out~ the sickies still show up in bad form and share their germs with everyone present~not a nice gift at all. Any time you are in a room with lots of people no matter their ages, there are airborne viruses and bacteria lurking. Washing hands definitely helps, but people still get sick. How do you protect yourself? You’ve got to get the germs before they get you. Our Cold and Flu Prevention Tips and Remedies will show you how! Keep scrolling.

Protect yourself from “sick germs” when you do our DIY Face Wash. By “disinfecting” all the places where germs can enter your body, you are preventing them from accessing your blood stream and infecting your body!

Watch our DIY Face Wash for Cold and Flu Prevention Remedy video below and see how to do this simple face wash.  This simple procedure protects you from cold and flu germs. BUT you must follow the instructions and do the face wash daily whenever you are around a lot of people.  This remedy literally stops nasty germs from spreading into your body! Learn how to truly keep yourself healthy all year.   Do the face wash right after you get home (this is key), AND repeat the next day when you wake up.

Keep scrolling because we’ve listed our tips and DIY remedies that keep you feeling your best and de-stressed as you enjoy all your adventures, special occasions and celebrations.

Tips and Remedies for Cold and Flu Prevention

1. Keep Your Immunity Strong  How?

  • By eating whole foods that strengthen your immunity: Eat mostly plants ie: vegetables, fruit, whole grains, small amounts of nuts and seeds, hole food protein: fish chicken beans.
  • Move your body: exercise simply by walking for 10-20 minutes daily outside preferably in the sunshine.
  • Getting 6-8 hours of sleep daily is critical for our immune system.
  • Choose nourishing warming foods and broths in colder months to support and boost your immune system; Chicken Bone, Quick Green Bone Broth and Vegan No Bone Broth.  All these stocks and soups are rich in vitamins and minerals. You can drink any of them like tea all day long or make them into nourishing soup anytime. Make extra to freeze for busy times of the year.Freeze stocks and soups in 1 liter or 2 cup containers so that they are easy to defrost and cook up in a pinch.
  • Eating less at night helps your body digest your food before going to sleep and allows your  body to detox while you sleep. Over eating can lower your immunity.  Enjoy a larger lunch that helps your digestion as well as your immunity.

2. Limit Foods that Weaken your Immunity

  • Food best to avoid in large quantities or at a minimum: Highly processed sugars or high amounts of sugary foods, dairy, large amounts of red meat, excess alcohol,  excessive caffeinated beverages and sodas, highly processed refined grains, cereals, snacks, treats, refined vegetable oils, artificial flavors, sweeteners and dyes.
  • There are so many more foods that weaken or disrupt our immunity. So not to overwhelm you, we highly recommend choosing whole organic foods rich in nutrients the majority of your week. 
  • We love to party, and we don’t restrict ourselves when it comes to great food, drink and celebration foods. However, over time we’ve built a strong fortress of immunity in our bodies because of our lifestyle choices and foods we eat.  Whole foods naturally strengthen your immune system AND keep you healthier all year long.
  • When it’s holiday time and you are in need of bringing a healthy treat, bring our homemade swiss chard hummus and chips or a better for you treat like our favorite chocolate bars or our Chocolate Date and Nut Bites. Both are wonderful healthier options to bring to parties and share. These treats you can feel good about eating because they include better for you quality ingredients, no refined grains or sugars. They actually have a lot of beneficial fats and protein ingredients.

3. Cut Your Stress Level in Life and in the Kitchen: We know stress lowers our immunity. In  every day life~Find ways to “Keep Calm and Carry ON” with yourself.

  • We love our quiet time morning rituals filed with meditation, yoga, journaling, walks in nature, reading with kids and exercise~ all having a positive affect on our immunity and our spirit. Happy Shots!
  • In the kitchen, make time to: organize your meals for the week and build a well stocked pantry.
  • Cook simple meals like Buddha bowls or “One Pots”. Both can be made ahead and reheated. Try our Spaghetti squash casserole, chili, lasagna or a Stew.
  • Stock your kitchen with whole foods for easy prep and cooking.
  • Buy already prepped organic veggies
  • A whole roasted chicken is a time savor for those who eat it. You can add the diced chicken into salads, wraps or pasta.
  • Keep some great frozen items on hand like Hilary’s veggie burgers or Amy’s products that are organic, gluten free and not loaded with a ton of crappy ingredients.
  • In a pinch, breakfast for dinner is a great option! Get cozy in your jammies and gather around the kitchen table!

4. Keep Hydrated:

  • Drink 8 glasses of pure water every day keeps the doctor away. Drinking water  helps us eliminate toxic build up and toxins quickly.
  • A couple beverages to drink, but DOES NOT COUNT for water, are: Healing Tea that helps strengthen immunity and Tulsi Teas for digestion, stress relief and circulation. Healing tea has lemons that help balance your bodies PH, ginger is antibacterial and supports your immune system, cinnamon sticks stimulate our immune system. This immune boosting Healing Tea strengthens your kidneys, lungs and your digestion making it a great remedy for prevention AND when you do get sick. De-hydration sets us up for lots of problems.

5. BREATH and Take Time for Yourself! You are probably thinking, “what? I have NO time!”

  • It took Pegs years of being sick around the holidays that got her to learn how to stay healthy and not crash and burn come December 26 through New Years; organizing, planning ahead, making her lists and checking them twice truly saved her body, mind and spirit AND kept her feeling strong and healthy to enjoy the vacation.
  • The other Aaha moment happened when we chose as a family not to buy a ton of gifts during the holidays. “What more do we need”, became our family’s mantra. We wanted to help those who really needed things. That simple step REALLY helped relieve stress in our house and taught our kids about giving to others and sharing our abundance and gratitude.

 WHAT IF you do get a cold or the flu?

Here are remedies to help get you better faster.

  1. DIY face wash in the video above. IT really helps to lessen the severity and length of an actual cold and flu. AND stops it from spreading to others (people living with you do it too). Once we touch a surface and then touch our face, microbes on our fingers make their way into our noses, mouths, or eyes, which are all entryways for viruses and germs, including coronaviruses like COVID-19.
  2. Drink our Sore Throat Healing Tea for a few days or until you’re feeling better. This tea also helps boost your immunity and the lemons have a natural antibiotic affect killing off bacteria or viruses. It’s also helpful with bronchitis, pneumonia, or any illnesses involving your lungs.
  3. The minute you start feeling a sore throat coming on, juice a couple fresh lemons and set your timer to drink 2 teaspoons every 15 minutes for 2 hours. Lemons are nature’s antibiotics.
  4.  An herbal supplement we love is Yin Chiao, a Chinese herbal remedy for prevention and early onset of colds, sore throats and flu. We take 2-3  when on a plane, after or before going to a party or when we’re around small children with gucky noses (you know green boogies).
  5. Take Vitamin C. We love Lipo-Spheric C because of its bio-availability that helps to absorb the vitamin C quicker into our bloodstream. It helps strengthen our cells and our immunity.
  6. Chicken or Healing Soup, No-Bone Broth Soup, or Green Bone Broth  are supportive healing nourishing food for any kind of illness. Add fresh garlic as another natural antibiotic.
  7. DO stay away from dairy, processed sugary foods, and red meat. All three of these foods promote mucus development.
  8. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate with water 1st.  Water and herbal teas help digestion, detoxification and promote elimination.
  9. If you can take a hot bath, sauna or steam to promote sweating all can help with detoxification and elimination of mucus and other viruses. A hard workout is not recommended when sick. Not only will it be exhausting for you, spreads your germs, but it’s just too much while healing and may prolong your recovery.
  10. Relax. Rest. Sleep. All 3 helps to move the illness through you allowing your body to do its job.

Nourishment comes in many forms. Give yourself a “time out”,  and do something you love will feed your soul.  Feeding your body and your family nutritious meals and turning down the stress levels will help keep everyone feeling happier, stronger and healthier all year long!

We hope you will try out some of our  Tips and Remedies for Cold and Flu Prevention. Let us know if they worked for you and your family.

Wishing you the most delicious holidays and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

With love,

Megs and Pegs

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