Gluten Free Skillet S’mores!

Gluten Free Skillet S’mores are easy to make over a campfire or now at home! These delicious gluten free treats can be enjoyed by everyone, especially those with gluten intolerance, sensitivity, celiac disease or dairy free . We love making these simple treats that bring smiles to everyone of all ages, all summer long! 

Our favorite graham crackers are from Pamela’s products. They are just the right amount of crisp and oh so good eaten all by themselves! Now for the chocolate… as you might know from following us, I love a good chocolate… so for these Gluten Free Skillet S’mores, the most important ingredient, is the chocolate. It is my first choice for a sweet treat after dinner or as an afternoon pick me up. 

The good news is chocolate is now hailed as a super food!  Loaded with flavonoids which are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, studies show now how chocolate helps to improve our heart health and brain function! Score! Choosing 70% cacao dark chocolate and higher gives us the most benefits. Other ingredients to look out for are the type of added sugar or any additives some companies sneak in. I’d suggest you avoid those brands. Being choosy and by reading your ingredient labels will help you make a higher quality choice when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck with chocolate’s benefits

What about milk chocolate? My daughter Sam, the baker in our family, chooses milk chocolate. The difference in terms of benefit is the cow milk and the added sugars that dilute dark chocolates benefits, as well as the potential of a cow milk allergy. It’s that simple. I prefer to eat for benefit and I also enjoy the deep robust flavor from dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is an acquired taste, but over time, it can grow on you.  You get to choose which chocolate bar or chocolate chips you want to use in your Skillet S’mores…I’m here sharing the love ☺  

Here are a few of our favorite chocolate recipes:

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Here’s a simple recipe to make these scrumptious Gluten Free Skillet S’more treats that cater to all our family and friends who need allergy friendly ingredients. Yay!  No one can taste the difference, in fact over and over I hear, “man these are the best graham crackers!” LOL.

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Gluten Free Skillet S’mores!

Enjoy these delicious Gluten Free Skillet S’mores all year!!! 



    1 box Pamela’s Gluten Free Graham Crackers

    23 chocolate chips or bars, dark chocolate ( Hu’s Kitchen or Enjoy Life Bars are Pegs personal favorites. Get some for s’mores and some for just eating!)

    1 package Dandi’s Vegan Marshmallows, minis

    2 Tsp. coconut oil or spray

    1 cast iron pan

    Parchment and aluminum foil


    • In a cast iron skillet (best for over a campfire), spray or add a little coconut oil in the skillet. 
    • Layer large broken pieces of graham crackers, not too small.
    • Sprinkle chocolate chips or broken pieces of chocolate bars over the graham crackers
    • Sprinkle mini marshmallows over the chocolate. 
    • Be generous with the chocolate and marshmallows.
    • Cover with parchment then tin foil when cooking over the fire. Parchment helps with sticking.
    • Set on top of the campfire grate. Cook about 5 minutes, check and cook until chocolate and marshmallows are melted. 
    • This method also works on a camp stove too! 
    • If using an oven, preheat oven to 400-degrees.
    • Place S’mores in oven and time 5 minutes until chocolate and marshmallows begin to melt. Then broil the top for a minute to brown the marshmallows. Watch carefully. 
    • Once chocolate chips and marshmallows have melted, it’s time to eat and enjoy! 
    • If you’d like, use a graham cracker as your scoop! 
    • Be careful as they are hot and messy, but OH SO GOOD! 
    • Author: Peggy Curry

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