Gluten Free Breakfast Tortilla Hack Recipe

We had to see what the #TortillaHack trend was about, and must admit it’s preettttyyy darn good! If you haven’t heard of this “hashtag tortilla hack” or #TortillaTrend, no worries. We were late to the party too. Our Gluten Free Breakfast Tortilla Hack Recipe is loaded with protein, fats, and all the greens to make it a nutritious and balanced breakfast. The fun folding (which we will get into in a bit) creates a perfect crispy outer shell, wilts the greens and melts the cheese. Watch our reel on Instagram to see how it’s done in under 30 seconds 😉

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We partnered with Earthbound Farm to load it up with greens. Earthbound Farm Power Greens blend is a mix of baby spinach, red and green chard, and baby kale. This specialty blend is packed with vitamins and minerals – 50% of your daily vitamin A, 60% of daily vitamin C, 10% daily calcium, and 15% daily iron. We love switching up the greens we cook with to get that diverse blend of nutrients! Since there are no more farmers markets in Colorado, I am exclusively getting my greens at the grocery store. I am so grateful for Earthbound Farm, their consistent quality of their products – they are farmers’ market quality, environmentally friendly, and tastes great every time! 

Now what made this #TortillaHack go viral was the way you cut and fold up the tortilla. It’s not the normal burrito wrap or quesadilla fold… this folding technique creates sectioned off pockets that allows the “outer pockets” ingredients to warm up and melt just right.

The left side pockets of the tortilla end up on the inside of the fold – so whatever ingredients go there won’t get that warm. So anything that doesn’t necessarily need to be heated (like an avocado) is perfect for those sections. The right side pockets of the tortilla end up on the outside – so this is great for melting cheese or greens you want to wilt (like the Power Greens). 

To begin the process, you cut halfway into the bottom of the tortilla and then section off each corner for ingredients. Make sure not to overfill or it will be hard to fold up. And again, you can click the photo above and watch us show you how easy it is to fold up on our Instagram reel! 

Now for the recipe so you can try this for yourself at home! We can’t wait to fill it with other sandwich ingredients or a sweeter treat (crepe style).  The options are endless – but we really are enjoying this breakfast wrap ☺ 

Gluten Free Breakfast Tortilla Hack 


1 gluten free tortilla (we used a spinach tortilla)

1 handful of Earthbound Farm Power Greens

2 Tbsp Herbed goat cheese

1 egg, scrambled

¼ avocado, sliced

1 Tbsp red onion, sliced 

1 Tbsp pesto sauce

1-2 Tbsp butter or oil


  • Heat small pan to medium. Add olive oil and scramble egg until cooked. Set aside
  • Prep remaining ingredients and set aside
  • Keep small pan on low heat.
  • Take tortilla and slice into bottom half.
  • In the bottom left triangle, spread pesto.
  • In top left triangle of tortilla, place sliced avocados. Then top with egg and onion slices.
  • In top right triangle, place handful of Earthbound Farm power greens
  • In bottom right triangle, spread goat cheese.
  • Fold starting at bottom left corner. Continuing to fold up and over until you end at the bottom right corner.
  • In a warm pan, add 1 tbsp. butter or oil and place tortilla down. Cover with lid and cook for 2-3 min each side.
  • Cut in half (if you want) and enjoy! 

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